More than forty years of experience in the textile industry market.

Since 1972 SAV has been operating with competence and reliability in the textile industry.
SAV established principally as distributor of spare parts and industrial accessories, in the eighties the company has expanded its range to used and guaranteed machinery.
The end of nineties saw an expansion to foreign markets, which now covers four continents.
Since 2000 the company has expanded its competence with the plan, design and production of machines, in particular those related to polycromatic dyeing.

The continuous research, the flexibility and the pluriannual experience in the field have allowed SAV to acquire a leadership position in the field of textile machinery.

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PTFE Infinite Energy – Openmesh and conveyor belts PTFE coated

SAV has added a new range of conveyor belts, meshes, fabrics and adhesive tapes that are coated or impregnated with special PTFE and Silicon.
These innovative products have aramid or glass fibre inner structures and PTFE or silicon coatings, and are therefore supported by an aramid or fibre glass fabric tensioning element which is ultra-heat resistant, produced by impregnating with a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dispersion fluid which is then dried and fired at high temperatures.


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