- conveyor belt: working speed adjustable from 0 to 5 mt/min
- adjustable dyeing unit for changing the pattern as desired
- dye kitchen with vats having lt. 600 capacity complete with feed pump and dyeing bath circulation equipped with mixer and heating coil with temperature control
- unit for application and distribution of dyestuffs over the material in process

Technical Characteristics:

- dyeing: 4 colours with possibility till 8 colours
- feeding depending on the material and on the working product
- forward movement of working process by belt resistant at 180°C
- working width: from 1000 mm to 2000 mm
- dyestuffs consumption depending on the type of fiber, pettern and weight
- suction on transport system
- INOX steel nozzles
- nozzles holder to clip
- superheating apparatus entry para-drops
- pre-washing and squeezing out with softener tank
- continuous steamer with automatic temperature control (max 98°C) with modulating valve
- steamer dimension: length 9600mm
- electric board (INOX steel)


- superheating battery: temperature max 130°C
- computerized drawing system to electro-valves drive (only for fabrics)
- tops accessories (feeder, humidifier, folder, washing, exit)
- exit washing with more positions

Use Sectors:

- knitwear – weaving – furnishing – hand knitting – finished garments