Over 40 years of consolidated experience

Since 1972 SAV has been a reliable partner in the textile industry sector. Founded as a company mainly linked to industrial spare parts and accessories, in the 1980s it expanded its field of action to used and guaranteed machinery. The end of the 90s saw an expansion towards foreign markets, which now cover four continents. Since 2000, the experience and expertise acquired, together with continuous research, have allowed us to expand our production also in other industrial sectors.

Face Mask Production Machinery

Considering the COVID-19 emergency, SAV has developed its own range of machines for the production process complete with surgical masks, FFP2 and FFP3.



At your disposal the complete catalogs of our products, which you can download and consult freely.



Custom design and construction for each production process.


Re-filling of cylinders, re-stitching of combs, re-sealing of brushes.

If you want to know more about our machinery, even used and guaranteed, we are at your disposal to provide you with personal and in-depth advice.

PTFE Infinite Energy
Openmesh and conveyor belts PTFE coated

SAV produces a new supply of conveyor belts, nets, fabrics and adhesive tapes with special impregnations and covers in PTFE and silicone.

These are innovative products that have a load-bearing structure made of aramid fiber or ultra-heat-resistant glass fiber, and covers in PTFE (a PolyTetraFluoroEthylene dispersion fluid) or silicone, dried and fired at high temperatures.


PolyTetraFluoroethylene is a smooth-to-the-touch plastic material, resistant to high temperatures up to 300°C (572 °F), used by industry to cover surfaces subjected to high temperatures and low adhesion. It is the material with the lowest known coefficient of friction, with dynamic friction with steel of 0.04.